Cars for sale.


I have the following brass cars for sale:

1. OMI SFRD Rr-22 ,Texas Chief and Ship and Travel- $200.00
2. OMI SFRD Rr-37, Grand Canyon Line and Ship and Travel- $200.00
3. OMI SFRD Rr-42, Grand Canyon Line & Ship and Travel- $200.00
4. OMI SFRD Rr30, Super Chief & Map- $200.00
All of the above moderate to heavy weathering.
5. Precision Scale F/P PFE 200009 50' wood Reefer, light weathering- $220
6 W&R Ga-50 Ballast car, moderate weathering- $220.00
7. Trains ATSF wood side car caboose, unpainted, moderate tarnishing- $75
8. Fugiyama ATSF round roof caboose- $100.00
9. PRB 48' x 48' Oil storage tank- $120.00
10. 2 ea Atlas ATSF SD-24 undec $75.00 ea.
Please respond to me personally at I will not answer to
the group address. JPEGs sent on request and I will pay postage, but insurance
up to you. I will accept PayPal at the above address.

Any cars not reserved by Thursday morning will go onto Ebay.

Thanks, Tom Chenoweth

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