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Steve and Barb Hile

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Steve Hile responds about UTLX X-3 tank cars with:

"So with this build (car numbers 17000-17799) the tank
diameter of the 8000 gallon tank was virtually the same as typical
10000 gallon cars."

Huh? That one sailed right over my head. Why does this follow
from what you said earlier?

Mike Brock...confused [ not difficult these days ]

Sorry, Mike, I was trying to be brief. Here is some more information
from my Sunshine Naperville seminar last year.

In the 1922 CBC (and reprinted in the TSC (#12, I think)) are
drawings showing 10000 gallon and 6500 gallon X-3's. The 10K is the
one labeled as Canadian Car and Foundry and doesn't mention UTLX, but
is the X-3 design. The 6.5K design has 21'6" truck centers and a 76
inch tank ID. The 10K car is 87 inches ID and 28 feet truck centers.

In 1937, ACF built 6.5K and 8K cars to UTLX design and GA drawings
can be purchased from the NMT in St. Louis. The 8k cars were
numbered 17000 - 17799 and at least two examples remain in museums in
the midwest (IRM and North Freedom.) They were 85 inches ID on the
tanks and had 21'6" truck centers. The 6.5K cars also had 21'6"
truck centers but 76 inch tank ID. The 6.5K cars were numbered 7500 -
9499, examples of which also survive. Note the early and late 6.5K
gallon cars were virtually identical, except for the running
board/porch configuration.

The missing link is hard dimensional data on the longer, thinner 8000
gallon cars from the earlier period.

I hope that this is a bit clearer.

Steve Hile

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