Re: Cars for sale.

Tim O'Connor

Tom, take good photos of the cars for Ebay. I'm convinced that a
great photo stirs up the bidders into a frenzy. I was watching an
auction last week of one of the brass SFRD models (unpainted) and
it went for just over $110... in spite of the fact that they are
beautiful 50 foot cars with Duryea underframes and no one will ever,
ever do them in plastic.

I have the following brass cars for sale:

1. OMI SFRD Rr-22 ,Texas Chief and Ship and Travel- $200.00
2. OMI SFRD Rr-37, Grand Canyon Line and Ship and Travel- $200.00
3. OMI SFRD Rr-42, Grand Canyon Line & Ship and Travel- $200.00
4. OMI SFRD Rr30, Super Chief & Map- $200.00
All of the above moderate to heavy weathering.
Thanks, Tom Chenoweth

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