Re: SP A-50-14 doors

Scott Pitzer

I remember the same photo was published (larger) in the Trainline.
I THINK the seam panels fall at the same places as on the kit doors, except they aren't wide like the kit. Would a correct door mean a relocation of the door tracks? (I settled for the kit doors "as is.")
And here we are again... can anyone say what that is below the side sill, just above the builder's advertising sign in the builder's photo? I put the control valve there, even though that's a strange place for it.
Scott Pitzer

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Subject: [STMFC] SP A-50-14 doors I'm lazy. I'm getting around to building some P2K SP auto
cars...A-50-14. Actually, I was hoping that Tony would have his book out
first but I and others decided that it looked silly seeing few SP box and
auto cars going over Sherman Hill...wherever that is. Anyhow...I'm trying to
find a good photo of the doors. Anyone know of one published that is
discernible? The one in the Oct '95 RMJ is not good enough to really tell
the rib pattern. I would simply ask what the pattern is but about 4 yrs ago
when I tried to get this august group to agree to a standard for door
nomenclature, people seemed to reject the need. I still think we need one.

Mike Brock

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