Re: Athearn's new John Deere Tractors

Paul Hillman

Paul Hillman wrote;

They did all the research to make the model. Why not tell us, (it's era)??

Does MRIA cover this sort of thing?

Jerry Michels
Good question Jerry.

They might just be the solution-source.

Older prototypes still exist to this day which modellers can use on their layouts in various ways, but as far as concerns the original era of production, all these myriad manufacturers should have by now figured out that there are MANY modellers who seek era data, especially since railroading has waned, unfortunately, from it's "Glory Years", and many of us wish to recapture the periods of the past (or our youths) when many of these things actually existed in time. (Mission of the STMFC!!??)

I don't see how hard it would be for them to do, and it should be considered an industry standard practice.

Paul Hillman

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