Re: Consumer Prototype Protection

Don Strack <donstrack@...>

Tony Thompson wrote:

Manufacturers usually (certainly not always) do have photos,
plans, and roster info: how else do they construct, paint and letter
the models? Is it too much to ask that some of it be passed on? Oh,
heavens no, somebody might not buy something . . . and others WOULD buy
if they knew what they were getting. But less information is cheaper,
and as Charlie points out, that tends to dominate the thinking (if
that's not too grand a term) for the decisions many manufacturers make.
One of the forever mysteries that sticks in my mind was when UPHS did their
GS gondolas as a convention car a couple years ago. The finished car was
furnished in an accurate mix of UP's freight car red, but included unpainted
black ends. The buzz was that this was accurate since they were apparently
delivered with the ends "painted" in freight car cement. More times than I
care to count, I heard and read of inquiries as to a source of paint to
match the unpainted ends with the painted remainder of the car. True, the
model may have been accurate, but no one took the time to say so in the
instructions, or even in a note in UPHS's The Streamliner magazine. Someone
did the research. Why oh why didn't they share it?

Don Strack

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