Re: Consumer Prototype Protection - was Athearn's new John Deere Tractors

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On Sep 24, 10:09pm, Anthony Thompson wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Consumer Prototype Protection
But less information is cheaper,
and as Charlie points out, that tends to dominate the thinking (if
that's not too grand a term) for the decisions many manufacturers make.
So, Tony, I infer that you think it's stupid for manufacturers to allow
such silly things as "cost" to influence their thinking. Given that the
broader MR market will not pay more for a kit just because it has 2 lines
of data at the end of the box, you're talking about increasing cost for a
fixed selling price. Please explain why doing this makes sense to you --
it sure doesn't make sense to me!

Is there some kind of new economics that applies to Horizon Hobbies and
Athearn that does not apply to steel mills and computer chip makers?



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