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Bob Kutella

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You are of course free to infer what you want, Jeff. But that's
what I meant to say.
Of course you did not. But since so many comments on this thread
refer to cost control and economies, let's look at the market and what
it says. It seems to me modelers are willing to pay premium prices on
kits form Westerfield and Sunshine, which kits are sometimes so
specialized in detail and era, that they would never support a mass
market. Yet over and over I hear, and have myself experienced the
well documented kits. If nothing else it gives me a warm fuzzy
feeling that the finished product will be an accurate replica.

More firewwod - Micro Trains (often) supplies one side of their jewel
box liner with enough car history that you also get the idea they did
their homework. In this case, the well over 100 body styles cannot
support 100% accurate models, but I think people know that and do not
expect more for 15-20 bucks. Yet the paint schemes and colors, style
of lettering, and placement do reflect a prototype. That little
insert lets us know it, and was in each car box before they started
giving some history. So how much did that cost??
A reputable manufacturer will do at least a basic research job, yet
many modelers do not have the access to research material, have the
skills to ferret it out, and many can ill afford to spend valuable
model building time researching info that has already been done.
Somewhere there is another (unspoken) dynamic here since the cost
differential of a slip of paper cannot be the ruling factor.

Bob Kutella

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