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A goodly portion of model railroaders trust the manufacturers.Any paint
scheme is considered authentic.It takes some consumer education before they
start looking beyond the box and its contents.I am sure most of us were not
as sophisticated nor critical when we started in the hobby.I strongly
suspect that a more discerning hobbyist has led to more prototypically
accurate offerings.Armand Premo

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The thing that amazes me about this discussion is that I often hear
manufacturers say "Most customers don't care" or words to that effect.

For God's sake, manufacturers, listen to what you just said. If most
customers don't care (about extra information concerning the
prototype) then they don't care. Get it? They don't care so it
won't hurt sales.

On the other hand, if I can't identify that a product (1) matches its
prototype, (2) is correctly lettered and (3) is appropriate for 1950
or earlier, I don't buy it. If I can't find the information and the
manufacturer doesn't provide it, I don't buy. And I know I'm not the
only one with that attitude.

I can name two products from two different manufacturers for which I
provided the prototype data. Folks, it ain't that hard. And it at
least one instance it boosted the heck out of sales. More than
double the expected sales were realized.

Gene Green

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