Re: John Deere Tracto models.

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

The John Deere tractor models that I would be looking for in the '40's would be the far more ubiquitous Models A and(especially) B. These two models covered the midwest, and there was scarcely a "Green" farm that did not have one or the other. The Model D (not a row-crop tractor) was pretty scarce by then, generally saved for heavy duty stationary work such as powering threshing machines, or heavy duty plowing on very large fields.

The lugged wheels were becoming pretty obsolete by the forties due to state and local laws banning them from paved roads.

Of the three tractors, I would guess that the Model 60 would be about the only one that one might have reasonably been seen as rail-borne new-deliveries during the predominant area of interest generally expressed by this group (i.e. c. 1935-55).

Other writers are correct about John Deere and its licensing. Right out of the box, Deere has been relentless in controlling and then licensing the use of its brand name. It is not cheap, the conditions must be steep, and the money to be made high when one sees Athearn grovel and cheapen itself by lettering and painting just about every product that it has with JD green and lettering.

This latter is more evidence of the headlong rush by significant parts of the hobby into the new HO Toy Train market.


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