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Scott Pitzer

Mr. Ward seems to be "big on flatcars." Maybe he'll turn up with a 10 identical tractors to load one of them!

Off topic, but it seems kind of odd that a key structure from Altoona PA would end up in Indiana instead of being preserved in Altoona...

Scott Pitzer

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There are a few photos of Ward's museum on Tom
Kepshire's site, though neither of the cars you
mention are there.


Notice that there are two pages.

The only cars shown are a Monon 53'6 flat car and a
PRR flat of about the same size. He has also brought
in some signals and structures.

If someone wants photos of the GARX and MStL cars I'll
be there this Sunday. I'd especially like to see the
Kingan reefer. I wasn't sure these had run as late as
the reweigh date indicates.



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