Re: Flat Finishes

Schuyler Larrabee

I've used Dullcote, but what I have used for
years, and I have enough that I will probably
never have to use anything else, is McDonalds Flat
Photo Lacquer. I bought (a gallon!!!) of this in
a wholesale photography supply store. They also
made a gloss version, which I didn't buy. I thin
this down with quality lacquer thinner by about 3
or 4:1, so it can be laid on in very thin layers.

It will take a Kar-Line car from reflective shiny
to >dead< flat in two light coats.

Andy mentioned flat coats that never dried. I
have an ABBA F5 set that had that problem with a
glossy finish (new units, you see) and which
eventually softened the Accucals under that
finish. Once the fingerprints showed up in the
ERIE diamonds, somehow (!) I just never felt the
same about them. They've been made historical
items by the Genesis units earlier this year.


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Subject: [STMFC] Flat Finishes

I would like to hear from those of you in this
Group that
paint and decal a number of models what your
preferred flat
finish is. I have been using Dullcote out of
the bottle with
OK results but some people swear by Micro Coat
Flat. If you
prefer Micro Coat Flat, do you thin it for
general use? If
so, do you use water or alcohol (and what type
of alcohol)? Thanks.

Frank Brua

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