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You replied:
If anyone has this, I'll be glad to post it on our site for future
reference. - John
I'm a little foggy on what you meant? (I'm a little foggy PERIOD, but thats
another story!)...Were you referring to additional photos of the cars?

I can supply some info on the kitchen car. It is a 1944 ACF product and as
mentioned, it is at the Southeastern Railway Museum
( The museum is located in Duluth, Georgia, a
suburb of Atlanta. It is owned and operated by the Atlanta Chapter,
National Railway Historical Society and is staffed completely with
volunteers. The car is painted in what I beleive to be a later US Army
scheme (as opposed to the original Pullman scheme), and I beleive that this
car was never modified fo alternative service and has its interior intact.
The car can be seen at:

I will scan the photos I have of this car and create a photopoint site.
The staff at the site is really nice and when I asked, they seemed thrilled
that I would be interested in taking a really good look at their car.

BTW, the photo of Troop Sleeper #7040 on your site looks to be a "Phase I"
Pullman troop sleeper (as defined by Cannonball), which makes sense since
it is in the first number series (ie built in 1943). The Cannonball kit
most readily makes a phase II, but of course, I have to be difficult and
model the phase I variation! There are subtle variations like the side
sills that distinguish version...

Happy Rails

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