Re: New Athearn 50' box cars

Jason C

--- Len <lcannor@...> wrote:

I just purchased an Athearn 50'plug door box,
decorated for the
Milw. It is a beautiful model for the money, and is
of the mid to
late sixties era too. Not too new, and not too old.
Although I model
the Rutland, in its late green and yellow years, I
do often allow
myself to fall off the wagon, and buy cars not quite
within my time
line. I do this because I like them, and besides
that, very few
visitors to my pike really know the differance, even
know I do. I
think they call that "Model railroaders license".

After examining the new Athearn model, and while
installing Kadee #5
couplers, I happened to notice something very
interesting. It
appears that this new Athearn model is in fact
identical to the
Details West car, in every detail. Is it possible
that Athearn, or
should I say Horizon, has aquired these models too?
Anyone know
about this for sure?

Len Cannor

Athearn did just that a couple of years ago. I
believe they announced it at the big show in Rosemont
right around this time in 2002 when they also
announced the Railpower aquisition. This happened
before the Horizon deal.

Jason Cook

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