Re: C&I Hoppers Getting around -- CV Local Freight

Tim O'Connor

... and that L&N gon really has me puzzled. L&N had scads of these
things, but there weren't any steel mills anywhere near the CV.
Marty, perhaps some consumer in New England used pig iron? Billets?
Much iron/steel was shipped in intermediate forms to consumers who
only had to heat or roll it into another form. Did the CV serve
any foundries?

Another possibility is utility poles. Nice, straight poles made of
Southern pine? Once the car was "snagged" off line, it may spend a
little time wandering before going back home. I recall Schuyler
reported seeing an Erie gondola that got snagged by the B&M and
kept cycling back and forth from a scrap dealer on the B&M to
somewhere else, and back again.

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