Mikes form of Consumer Prototype Protection

Greg Martin

Mike Brock sez...

Gene Green summarized, I think, the discussion about research/info quite well. I would add the following:
I've noticed that buyers of whatever model are attracted to the model by the amount and quality of detail present.<
The best observation and the strongest point that I have read during this thread was just made by Mike. WE as buyers, regardless of ability, look for detail and respect quality and that is what brings most modelers to the plate and often back for seconds. We make this the main course and all the rest is dessert!

The accuracy of such details really only apply to buyers that practice RPMing...whether they know it or not. IOW, an individual examining a model of something may actually be aware and interested in the prototype even though the individual may not be planning to put it in its prototypical setting. Regardless, detail wins.<
He draws us back the the main point, and I agree that we that consider ourselves RPMers accuracy become the desert and I might add that, what we realize as inaccurate we take into consideration but look to overcome with our knowledge or network of knowledge to correct the issue...

Potential purchasers are also attracted to a model if information regarding it is present. Hence, I'm impressed by the P2K booklet included with its steam locos even though I'm already familiar with the locomotives. The point is that such information gives the potential buyer an impression that the manufacturer is both aware of the prototype and has gone to the trouble to research it.<
This is true in principal but we may also buy even if the manufacturer doesn't offer the "gift" as we have done our research prior.

Does this mean that all manufacturers should include such material? Nope. Just that those that do may strengthen their sales potential. IMO.<
True, but reality is that most manufacturers target a broader audience and don't take this step. this is why some producers fall from favor...

I would also note that manufacturers are rather sensitive to potential products that they might be planning...for good reasons. Hence, a manufacturer is placed in the dilemma of not broadcasting a new model until it is significantly far enough in development to avoid being beaten to the finish line.<
Yikes, I see this way to often and I think the practice is bogus! I would rather lock them all in a room for two days and let them play monopoly with projects as their own silence creates duplication of products and lost research dollars, CAD development and tooling dollars. It happened most recently with the B&O M-53 car. I would prefer to have one good RS3, GP-38/38-2 then splintered buyers. I think that is one point we try to make by having the modeler/manufacturer forum at Cocoa Beach...

At the same time, manufacturers may need to obtain info that they don't have. In that case, they must rely on individuals for such and the process must, necessarily, remain hidden. For that reason, a manufacturer going public on the STMFC when a product is being considered may not be realistic.
Mike Brock<

Again, Mike and All I am an advocate that the manufacturer develop a research network that can work with individuals as well as Historical societies, thus they can get the accurate information necessary to produce products we can trust are as accurate as possible and provide them with the best ROI the industry can create for them. You see many of us really do want to see them be successful and healthy. We are often handed a project that is too far along to insure that this happens. This was the case with one upcoming project that I am familiar with. A group of modelers (you know who you are) identified a potential problem just prior to release and this group of fellows was faced with focusing on what we could correct and not with what we could have made better from the onset of the project. I would like to believe that we concerned modelers can have an impact on the health of the industry so we might reap the spoils as well. I believe that to be at least part of the mission of the PRRT&HS Modeling Committee, driven by Elden Gatwood, over-seen by Al Buchan, assisted by Bob Johnson and directed by the help from fellows like Ben Hom, Bruce Smith, and many more you might not be quite as familiar with... It simply amazes me to see these guys pull together on a single project...

Just my attitude on the issue.

Greg Martin

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