Re: Drive your John Deere tractor off the farm, turn right at reality

Schuyler Larrabee

Wrote Ted Culotta:

I cut off Bill's post here for no particular
reason other
than the point has been made so now I will offer
alternative perspective.
What if John Deere subsidized tooling costs by
offering to buy "x"
units to be used as gifts for dealers,
employees, etc. It is
not unheard of and everyone's goals are met. I
have heard,
though it is not corroborated, that Overland
sells (or
gives?) copies of its modern EMD and GE locos to
manufacturers and the railroads. I have also
heard that
Overland has very good access to these builders
for the
latest units. If true, it is a symbiotic
Overland gets information and the manufacturers
can present
the president of CSX/NS/UP/BNSF with a beautiful
model as
thanks for their orders.
Backed up by the fact that Overland has ventured
into (I gather successfully) into the field of
models of Fire Trucks and other fire fighting
equipment. Similar arrangements. Larger than HO
scale, but still . . .


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