Re: Metal running boards on NYC

Jeff English

NYC 72000 series would be Lot 850-B, 800 cars built in 1954 through
1955. I only have one confirmed BLT date of 6-54. These were fifty-
foot, single-door cars built by Despatch Shops with DS ends and roof.

I have no information on running boards, but with a 1954 build date,
I would be surprised if they were not galvanized and I would think
they would therefore not have been painted.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

--- In STMFC@..., Scott Pitzer <scottp459@e...> wrote:
Let me rephrase the question. WOULD the running board be painted
black like the roof, OR be unpainted (possibly with overspray here
and there?)
I speculated on the reduction in contrast because my model would
not be a "new car." (In fact it would be a few years out of our
Scott Pitzer

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Would a 1954 NYC box car with black ends and roof (72000 series)
have an unpainted metal running board? If so, I suppose the
with the roof would become less noticeable as years passed...

Scott Pitzer
Scott, I would think if the running board was unpainted it was
galvanized. It would have darkened some over the years reducing
contrast a little.
Jeff Coleman

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