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Marty,I hope you have included some CV hopper bottom box cars in
dedicated grain service, or others of the 40000 series in captive service on
your roster.The top loading hatches make some of the cars in that series
rather distinctive.Armand Premo

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Both are correct.

And one of the cars looks to me like a LV car as well.


On Thursday, September 30, 2004, at 03:33 PM, pieter_roos wrote:

I agree, that car looks to me like a CPR "minibox" with "Spans the
World" herald. The boxcar directly behind the locomotive might have
M&StL "The Peoria Gateway" lettering.

Pieter Roos

--- In STMFC@..., Scott Pitzer <scottp459@e...> wrote:
FWIW, the 3rd car in the train seems to be Canadian Pacific (is it a
compass or something in the slogan on the right side? I don't have my
CDS catalog handy.)
The 6th car has that Reading look, to me anyway.
Scott Pitzer



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