Re: Keystone Modeler


What's up with access to the site? I keep getting a "Page cannot be
displayed" for the past week or so. I didn't try to get the latest
issue when new as my cable service was down with all the storms and only
had dial up. Now that my cable service is back, I can't get the site.

Jerry Glow
Jerry, et al.

Apparently the web site provider had a major brain fart and deleted the
entire PRRT&HS site while "decomissioning some equipment" last Saturday.
From the description it seems as if there may have been no ongoing backup
of the site by the provider. The PRRT&HS web master and Al Buchan, the
PRRT&HS pres are busy reconstructing it. I have copies of all of the TKMs
released to date in pdf if you need one.

The PRRT&HS e-store and discussion forums can still be accessed directly.


Bruce Smith
Auburn AL

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