Inside bearing freight trucks?

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

OK, here's a really odd one: is there any way to make an inside-
bearing freight truck? The Timken Company made some inside roller
bearing trucks way back in the 30's, and put them on a few
experimental cars that did not travel far from home. They stayed on
the Wheeling and Lake Erie, as far as I know, but perhaps there were
other examples that ran on other lines. Does anyone know of any
instances? The appearance was unusual, of course, just the wheels
with no external frames at all. There were brakes, of course, but
nothing outside of the wheel faces.
So, while I doubt than any such trucks are available in HO, can they
be created using... what, leading truck wheels (inside-bearing) off
of a loco and Kadee brake hardware?? The diameter of leading truck
wheels appears to be close, at least on my Bachmann Consolidation. I
don't know if those parts are available separately or if I can go to
a detail parts mfgr...
Dean Payne

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