S Scale PRR H32

Bill Lane <billlane@...>

Hi All,

Here is my recently completed S Scale PRR H32.
http://mywebpages.comcast.net/billlane/S_Scale_H32.jpg Unfortunately after
about 7000 photos my camera is starting to show its age with the color
balance being off.

Overland/Ajin made these for River Raisin Models
http://riverraisinmodels.com in July 1989. I bought this from fellow S
Scaler John Armstrong of Ohio. He mentioned that a large unfriendly object
was dropped in the center of the roof. I picked it up on the cheap as a
scratch and dent! After a few false starts I managed the courage to unsolder
the whole roof and push if back out. Getting the roof back on was a
challenge as well. I ran a box tube down the center just in case the roof
wanted to return to it original dented state.

I had to paint an H30 in the Shadow Keystone scheme, so that was my
motivation to finally get it out and finish the model after at least 7 years
of ownership. I soldered all the hatches shut. There is nothing in there to
see anyway. As usual, I added a plastic hose for the train pipe line, draft
gear, cut levers with my own cut lever bracket castings, and PRR Trust
Plates. I also added the loading plate to the side of the car. I blasted it
clean, painted it with Scalecoat MOW Gray, decaled it with John Hall Decals,
and dusted it up.

It would be great if you posted your latest completed piece as well. A few
lines of your methods of completion would be great as well.

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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