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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Jeff English steps to the plate:

Well, this topic has certainly generated a bit of interest.
Without rehashing what others have already beaten to death, I just
want to add my voice to those of Jeff Aley and Dave Nelson.
Certainly there is a quantifiable basis from which one then carries
their artistic abilities to make their own models look right under the
simultaneous conditions of 1) layout lighting compared with
whatever actual daylight conditions one wants to approximate, 2)
the aging/weathering history one is trying to represent in any
particular car, 3) comparative consistency among all the models on
an individual layout (meaning that the variability of
colors/weathering among the fleet is believable).
Uh oh.....

I don't think there is any question that if two modelers have the
same innate abilities regarding sense of reproducing color, the one
who uses a factual starting point such as the RP Cyc formulas is
going to have a more satisfactory result, however slightly, and
probably with less effort, than the one who who simply "feels" their
way along, and likely has to work harder at learning from mistakes.
That said, I've seen a lot of models where the difference is
obvious between those who "have it" and those who don't when it
comes to creating the look and feel of color, weathering and finish.
I would rate Todd Sullivan among the best, and I know for sure that
he looks closely at prototype photos for <every> model he paints &
weathers. I also expect that he uses repeatable paint formulas,
although I don't recall him ever saying so to me.
This raises another rather interesting...and possibly extremely
boring...subject. Weathering believability. In a way it reminds me of the
guy who said to I placed a tree into a scenery scene I was helping
create on a friend's layout..."That tree looks good there." Startled, I
turned and said, "Huh? You mean that if the tree grew over there", pointing
to another spot, "it wouldn't have been doing its job correctly?" It seems
to me that we might be judging weathered equipment in the light of what has
impressed us at some time...or how we might remember it. Nothing against
Todd Sullivan, BTW. But I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of yrs
with guys that specialize in fact they give very convincing
and effective clinics in their art and they produce excellent appearing
models and layouts. I note, however, that they have a tendency to produce
the same weathering result repeatedly. One of the problems may be that they
choose to produce what they perceive to be the most commonly seen weathered
result. I would submit, however, that equipment weathers in very different
degrees and in different ways. I can point to photos of equipment that no
one would likely weather to because of fear of believability. OTOH, it may
be that the audience is at fault.

Mike Brock

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