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The NYC men did the same with Rutland Coal at Norwood,NY.Now as another
spin,how did coke get to New England?A

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.... where the coal was coming from, i.e. Western West Virginia,
Eastern Kentucty, etc., thay advertised it this way in Chicago. Most
home oweners bought better grades of coal if it was priced right, and
shipping costs was part of it. NOT all coal is the same quality, and
was within a short trip of good Kentucty and West Virginia coal.
Brings to mind the comment from a friend who retired off the Illinois
Terminal. Hired on as a brakeman during WWII, one of his
responsibilities was to keep the coal bin in the caboose stocked with
company-issued coal from a local mine. He said "That crap burnt so
poorly in the stove that one pound of coal produced two pounds of ash
and cinders". He learned quickly to keep an eye out in the yards for
an adjacent L&N hopper from which he could "borrow" a bucket or two of
good Kentucky Block coal.

Mike Fortney>

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