Re: color of Erie/URTX reefer

Schuyler Larrabee

I can't speak to the specifics of this particular
car, but a MILW-assigned car on the ERIE doesn't
surprise me much, as even in those days (as
opposed to after the end of time on this list)
there was a pretty good working relationship
between the ERIE and the MILW. The
earlier-than-the-1950's lettering style might have
been intentional, as the Centennial train had
equipment in it to represent a variety of eras,
including the (then) recent past.


The referenced photo is interesting in that the
reefer is lettered in an older style than for a
1950's new
car but more interesting to me is that the
number series of
this car appears to be right in the middle of
the numbers
assigned to service for the Milwaukee Road!
Does anyone know
the specifics of this car? Was it a loaner for
the Erie
centennial train or a replacement car for an
Erie car
destroyed on the Milwaukee or actually assigned
to the Erie
and mixed in with the cars assigned to the

As to color, the early URTX steel reefers
appear to be a
yellow/orange that may be represented with DRGW
"harvest gold".

John Greedy

--- In STMFC@...,
BlackDiamondRR@c... wrote:
I'm getting ready to paint an Erie/URTX
steel reefer using a
Rail Shops S scale 40' (PFE R-40-23) with an
added on horizontal
riveted seam.
The only photos I have of the prototype are in
the ERIE/DL&W color
guide and
the color appears to be an orange/yellow.
Tough to describe...its
not reefer
yellow, nor is it reefer orange (if there
actually are such colors)
but kind of
a mix.
The discussions on this list about
using color renditions
photographs has gotten me wondering what the
actual Erie/URTX steel
reefer color
should be? Would appreciate any help on this.
BTW, one of the
photos has a 40'
Erie boxcar next to it in what appears to be
true color rendering
of freight car
red as used by the Erie. Both cars have
"yellow" placards on them
as a
promotional "ship Erie" public display. The
freight car red and
yellow look "right"
so is the reefer color "right" also?

Bud Rindfleisch

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