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Ed Workman <eworkman@...> wrote:

Hmmm , a "quantifiable basis"???? From say 1935??? Like what, personal
testimony (always unreliable) published photos? (unreliable) your computer
monitor????? Please furnish spectrographs of the reflected light for
several locations, times of year, weather, times of day, geographic
location and from the appropriate era, otherwise, as you point, out this
is a popularity contest for painters, but has no basis for any real
evaluation, save subjective.
This is not the quantitative basis I was referring to. I was
referring to, at a minimum, paint mxing formulas provided by
others. You cite 1935 as a deliberate challenge because of the
obvious lack of hard information (RP Cyc's formulas are for post-
war, are they not?), although I believe some RRs had formulas for
home-made paint that specified proportions of pigments. Such a
quantitative starting point, if availablle, would be far better than
simply guessing on a completely subjective basis.
Furthermore, far from a popularity contest, good finish and
weathering can be judged by <objectively> comparing one's
studied experience with a given modeler's results. I cited Todd
Sullivan in particular because he's the one who first made it
appearent to me that more satisfactory results are obtained by
objectively using photos to guide one's efforts.

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