Re: Seeking info on NKP Proto 2000 50' double door boxcar

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This car has come up for discussion in the past, so you might want to do a
search in the archives for detailed information. Here's what little I know:

NKP 87100-87199, built 7-1942 Ralstron Car Co.

The kit is mostly accurate, except for the roof, which should be a Viking. I
believe the consensus on this list was to splice two Des Plaines roofs
together, even though that wouldn't be quite right either.

Howard Ameling doesn't have any photos of these cars, but the NEB&W website
does have a builder's photo of 87100 in it somewhere. The Fall 1991 issue of
the NKPHTS Magazine has an article on these cars, including photos.

Ray Breyer

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some information on a Proto 2000 50' double door
boxcar, lettered NKP 87143. I'd like to know the car series it is
part of how many cars were in it. Are there any sources for photos?
Also, how accurate is the kit if built as per the instructions?

Mark Heiden

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