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What is the price per car?Trucks?Couplers?A

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Just a note to advise that the Rib Side Car Co that makes the
MILW box has released factory painted versions of the cars. The
are now available painted and letttered, but unnumbered. Guess
looking for fleet buyers. So if you are inclined they should be
showing up at all the vendors.

No, I'm not connected with this project. This guy doesn't seem to
toot his own horn. I had to hunt for him myself.
MILW guys always seem to do that thing under a bushel basket.

Ron Sebastian
Des Plaines

5th Avenue Car Shops is also offering "limited run" prepainted
RibSide kits, but with prepainted numbers. Two numbers for "Route of
the Hiawathas" and 2 numbers for "Route of the Olympians". I
received one of each from them yesterday and they look very nice, and
include some historical info and info on which type of roofwalk
(steel or wood) to use for each car number. No web site, but write to

5th Ave Car Shops
P.O. Box 423
LaGrange IL 60525

Jim Gillmore (I'm not connected, either)

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