Re: What road is "C"?


Rutland conductors frequently used "C"for the NYC.A

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Yes, a small portion of the data is illegible, but most is clear. With a
sample this large, I think overall the data will be good. If something
doesn't look right, I'll throw it out.

Richard Dermody <ddermody@...> wrote:

I have the entire set of train cart lists for northbound CV trains
White River Junction, Vermont in September of 1955. Being a computer
kind of
guy, I decided to enter the data into a database to cook the mess into
statistics. Talk about an amazing goldmine of data! (And talk about
my original estimates of percentages of cars per road needed for my

Whilst entering the data, I have run across some hoppers that are
by the single letter "C" for the road symbol. Since I have not yet
ordered my
1955 ORER on CD from Westerfield yet, can someone help me out? This
person likes to label the Pennsylvania as "P" so is it CRR? Car number
this case is 904327, carrying coal northbound for Montreal.)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Jeff Lodge, Brattleboro, VT

Since we both looked at the same list, I would urge you to caution.

For example, as we discussed at the CVRHS convention, I was looking for
hoppers that appeared on the CV and was searching the train lists for cars
with the designation "H".

Of the car numbers I copied from the list with the designation "H", I've
found from some of the numbers I've checked that they were covered
as in the example of NH 117007, designated "H" on the trainlist, but
from the ORER and photographic evidence, a covered hopper.

Godspeed, but proceed with caution.


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