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Is there such a thing as too many Pennsy hoppers?

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buchwaldfam wrote:

Whew! That was a close one!
What I mean is that from the previous posts to this string, it
was starting to appear as though I had collected too many NYC and PRR
hoppers. Also, a photo in Jim Scribbins' "The Milwaukee in its
Hometown" shows a pair of D&H hoppers being led up to the MILW
interchange with the Wisconsin Electric tracks which went to the
Lakeside Powerplant. So D&H cars also made it to Milwaukee.
As for a little bit more diversity than even gondolas,
Westerfield's site makes reference to the drop bottom doors on the
MILW's 36 foot stock cars possibly being used to haul coke. I wonder
how well that scheme worked: putting (hot?)coke into a wood car. I can
still picture the dump trucks being loaded with quenched coke from the
coke plant on Milwaukee's southeast side. Those trucks trailed a cloud
of steam as they left the plant, so it couldn't be all THAT cooled
off! Trains Magazine also made mention of a WWII expedient of putting
coke into old wood box cars which have had their roofs cut off.
Phil Buchwald

--- In STMFC@..., "Gene Green" <lgreen@e...> wrote:

M&StL served a barge terminal in Minneapolis (or maybe St. Paul) and
the M&StL video shows coal being unloaded into, among others, a New
York Central hopper. Wonder where that coal was headed? Wonder what
brought the NYC hopper to the Twin Cities in the first place? In my
admittedly limited experience as a child I saw home heating coal
delivered in gondolas, not hoppers.
Gene Green

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