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Broadway Liimited's express reefers are the 53'6" General American cars that Sunshine Models put out under Kit #'s 27.1-27.7. Here is the link to their website:

Click on "Products" to bring up the listings and look for the car listing. Click on the listing and it will bring up a photo of the prototype car.

Earlier in mid-September, I ordered the remaining four cars of this type from Sunshine plus the eight pairs of trucks that I needed to equip them with. Tricia Lofton advised that they are almost out of instruction sheets and truck kits (Kit #TP45 Express Reefer w/added details. These are also from Eastern Car Works and may be available from them) for these cars. When they run out, the kits will be discontinued. With Broadway bringing out these kits, this will be a certainty.

Branchline is bringing out the 1947 welded Steel Express Refrigerator car which they had promised for the last three years. Here is the website link: When you reach the website click on Blueprint series, then click on 50' Steel Reefers, then on express reefers or use this link for this car:

This is the kit that Sunshine has had out since 1994. These kits are on Martin's list under kit #'s 27.11-27.14. Tricia has advised that these kits will be discontinued soon as they have run out of the trucks (Kit #TP48 ACF Cast Express Trucks w/6'6" wheelbase). I believe that you can still get this truck from Eastern Car Works as they were the people that made them for Sunshine when Martin put out the kit way back when. Again, with Branchline bringing out this kit, it is a sure bet that Sunshine will discontinue the kits.

I hope this helps to clarify the situation.

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Jon Miller wrote:

Not any replies on the Passenger car list so will try here! BLIs new
reefers are due soon. The ones I ordered were;
_884 REX #1201 & 1202, Railway Express Agency, Pullman green, HO_

However assuming the picture they show is not always right aren't these
"REA" and not REX. Pullman green seems to be correct for my era and the
pictured car is correct (I think).
Pre-ordering is always a shot in the dark nowadays.

Jon Miller
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