Re: Wooden Running Boards - Dates

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--- In STMFC@..., Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@o...>
"Metal grid running boards began to appear in significant numbers in
late 1930s."

Richard, I hate taking you to task about this. But it is
not really true. Metal "open gride" running boards started
to appear on new and rebuilt equipment in the "very" late
1930's, I don't think some of the manufactures got into
offering them until early in the year of 1940 (Morton,
here in Chicago was one) from what I have read in Railway
Age. It's misleading to say that they appeared in significant
numbers prior to the end of WWII, as very few new and
rebuilt cars entered the ranks from 1940 until near the
end of the war.

Regards, Jerry Stewart
Chicago, Ill.

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