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Brian Chapman <cornbeltroute@...>

I know that the earlier string pertained to coal hoppers in the
northeast, however, for us guys born and raised in the midwest, are
there any general rules to guide us in what sort of road name mix we
could use for early 50's coal hoppers? <


There have been several extensive threads concerning N&W hoppers,
during the last few years, on this list. One that I recorded came
about in the summer of 2002.

Mike Brock has asserted a number of times that N&W hoppers traveled
regularly throughout the Midwest. Here are some of his comments from
earlier posts:

" N&W hoppers, of course, went far off N&W tracks, all through the
Midwestern states as many photos and videos show. . . . "

"N&W terminals for "exporting" coal into the Midwest were primarily
Columbus and Cincinnati. Coal moving to Lake Erie went on the Pennsy
to Sanduskey while that traveling to Toledo went NYC.

"It is noteworthy that N&W served two distinctly different coal
types. Pocahontas coal (rated between bituminous and semi-anthracite)
and high volatile bituminous from west of Iaeger both went east and
west depending on the final destination. . . . "

Mike has pointedly said on other occasions that Midwestern roads
moved coal in N&W hoppers regularly and often (am I paraphrasing you
correctly, Mike?). So, get them N&Ws a runnin' on them Midwesturn


Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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