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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Jerry Stewart said:
Richard, I hate taking you to task about this. But it is
not really true. Metal "open gride" running boards started
to appear on new and rebuilt equipment in the "very" late
1930's, I don't think some of the manufactures got into
offering them until early in the year of 1940 (Morton, here
in Chicago was one) from what I have read in Railway Age.
Actually, Jerry, I'd disagree with you. First, the rate of adoption of the metal running boards was very impressive, obviously an invention which was overdue. Secondly, there were an awful lot of house cars built in the 1938-1942 period in the run-up to WW II. And third, Richard said, "Metal grid running boards began to appear in significant numbers in the late 1930s." Unless you want to define "significant" in your own way, it's a hard statement to argue with, because there were lots of new cars, and a high percentage of those cars did have metal grid running boards.

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