Re: wooden coke cars

Mark P.

I don't know what they did to avoid the problems Phil alludes to, but among
the early specialized coke cars were those of the BR&P which kind of looked
like large, open-top stock cars (without doors of course). I would guess that
other roads in steel and coal producing regions had similar cars and I have
heard before that stock cars had a dual role transorting coke.
Would these be the same as cars lableled coke racks in early ORERs? These appeared on the Toledo & Ohio Central, Kanawha & Michigan, and Zanesville & Western, and I'm sure on other roads as well. The Ohio Central lines had about 2700 total of these cars. In glancing at the 1905 ORER, they appeared to vary quite a bit (they were gone by the 1919 ORER I have, or are labeled and numbered differently):
IL: 31' 5" - 35' 7.5"
IW: 8' 3" - 9' 4"
capacity: 50000 - 80000

Mark Plank
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