Roaming freight cars

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

I know that photos of freight cars that are not where they are suppose to be are of interest to some on this group. I was looking at the images on the Wheeler CD I had burned before mailing it tomorrow and noticed SP 461873. This is a two bay ballast style hopper. It was spotted at Stewartville MN awaiting loading with iron ore. Sidney must have had a likening for SP cars there are quite a few SP and TNO cars.
Saturday we stopped at the Wilder museum in Spring Valley MN . I wanted to see the iron ore exhibit that was mentioned in the newspaper article I posted on this site a couple weeks ago. The museum charges a fee and the elderly ladies there thought I needed to see the entire museum. I explained I only had time for the iron ore exhibit. Finally we came to an understanding and I got a tour of the museum. (except for the Laura Ingles part thank goodness) I was glad I did because they had several of the ore nuggets on display. They are jagged rocks about 1" to 3" either tan or dark gray. I was able to get a photo copy of a photo of the load out facility. Recognizable hoppers being loaded are CGW (3), CB&Q, NKP, and NYC.
Clark Propst

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