Q re: ubiquitous solid bearing "Bettendorf" freight trucks


Other than the Dec 2003 MR article, is there a good listing of what
each of the major manufacturers' trucks really represent? I know what
some of the trucks are, but others seem a mystery! Can someone fill in
the missing data or add to this list?

Kadee #500 "Bettendorf" = 50 ton AAR (?) double truss ??
Athearn #90400 "Bettendorf" = ??
Atlas #185000 "Bettendorf" = ??
Accurail #100 "Bettendorf" = 70 ton AAR (?)with spring planks
Tichy #3008 "Bettendorf" = 70 ton AAR (ASF)self-aligning spr. plankless
ECW #9053 "Bettendorf" = 70 ton AAR (?)self-aligning spring plankless
Proto #21251 = 50 ton (AAR?) (?)spring plankless
Proto #3212560 = 50 ton AAR (?) simplex bolsters

thanks for the help
Duncan, BC Canada

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