Re: Lookout utility - Google alternative

Schuyler Larrabee

Pete Brown and 'Bob' Crispen have been discussing
the Lookout utility offered (or not, as the case
sometimes is) by Microsoft which allows you to
search your own computer.

I downloaded the Google alternative the other day.
It has, in the background while I've been doing
other stuff, searched my entire hard drive, and I
can now search everything on there. I found stuff
I've got that I'd forgotten I had ever seen. Very
fast. Searches my hard drive when I use
conventional Google to the web, and has already
told me I'd already found the answer to that
question once before, and that it was on my hard

Good stuff, as far as I can tell, and isn't from
MicroSoft for those who don't want to support
Redmonds millionaires.

Now, shall we get back on topic?


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