Re: Kadee #78 Couplers - Revised design

Schuyler Larrabee

So, what color do the old style 78's come in, so I
can figure out when the new style are in stock?
Of course, by doing that, the old stock will be in
stock for quite a while . . .

The shops I've been in haven't even known there
WAS a 78 . . .


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Does anybody have any leverage with Kadee to get
them to
release the "fixed" vesion of their #78 "scale
couplers with
the Narrow draft
gear box"?

Kadee "fixed" the #58 scale couplers and
released them about
a year ago. This makes a big visual
improvement. (By fixed,
I mean eliminated the big gap between the
knuckle and the
coupler body) The
#78 and #58 couplers have a completely different
shank and
are not interchangeable. I was told by Kadee
that they had
also "fixed" and produced the revised #78
coupler but that
they were not going to release them to the
public until they
sold out all of their inventories of the old
ones with the
gap in them. In the meantime, they are
including the revised
#78 design on their HO freight cars.

I like the appearance of the narrow draft gear
boxes but I
for one, do not plan on purchasing any more of
the old style
#78s. Perhaps inquires from other modelers will
the revised design release.

Dale DeWitt

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