Re: NKP XM20241

Jeff Coleman

Hi all,
If anyone is planning to model one of these NKP cars this may help.
According to NKP drawing of 4-10-41 the ACF door was corrugated down
to the hasp then flat panel, also door fixtures were Creco. Cars were
equipped with Apex "TRI-LOK" running boards & brake step. Cars road
on cast steel Double Truss trucks 51/2"X10" journals w/33" wheels.
20200-20299 equipped with Ajax hand brakes
20300-20399 equipped with Equipco hand brakes
20400-20499 equipped with Champion hand brakes
Jeff Coleman

This was one of AC&F's early entries for an all-welded box car.
were 300 cars built 3-41 in series 20200-20499. They had 14-panel
welded sides, an AC&F flat roof and AC&F corrugated doors. B&LE had
similar welded cars in series 90201-90300 also built 1941 but with
doorways. In 1938 AC&F built a single experimental all-welded box
and all-welded refrigerator car. As I recall the reefer later went
NWX. However, AC&F's lightweight all-welded cars didn't catch on at
time. Pullman was more successful with their "lightweight" welded
cars that modeler's often refer to as the "PS-0".
Ed Hawkins

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