What the pics and papers show????

Marty McGuirk <mac@...>


It is facsinating if not a bit mind numbing...
I have 50 or so of these lists, and have been compiling freight car
information from photos (I have close to 3,000 pics of the CV taken
between 1945 and 1958) -- all with the purpose of creating a "to-do"
list of freight car modeling projects.

I am up to September 23rd.  Have noticed some interesting traffic
"pass by".  One of the steamers going to St Albans - it may have been
Either retired or a Southern Division engine going to St Albans for a
inspection/repair New London wasn't capable of handling. What's the

Also noticed two of the alco switchers in the middle of a freight
going to St Albans .
This was quite common. The switchers were rotated from New London and
White River Junction up to St Albans in the wayfreight. In an old issue
of the Ambassador Jack Swanberg had a photo he took in '55 or '56
called "Tail Wags Dog" -- it shows the Alco S-2s in the northbound
wayfreight behind an N-5a.

One thing I have noticed a big lack of is CV BOXCARS!  Where were they
Most were on the GTW. They really didn't spend a lot of time on the
home road, but I have seen enough of them on the CV to know they're
appropriate -- three in a 90 car train sounds about right!

The most I think I have seen was three in a 90 car train.  Can't wait
to get it all in and processed by road to get percentages!   Some
surprises for me: SOU, L&N, IC,  RI and MILW appear far more than I
would have thought. 
I'm not shocked at all. The cars from the Southeast roads may have been
hauling material up north for the various textile mills -- or furniture
in the case of the Southern cars. Photos show most of these to be
40-foot Southern cars with 8- (and later) 10-foot doors. I also know
they were delivered to the freight house in New London regularly with
furniture for several retailers in the area. Milwaukee rib side cars
(again, looking at photo evidence, not documentary evidence) show up
regularly. I've never seen a B&O wagon top box -- lots of B&O hoppers
and but no boxes.

Cars from Midwestern roads were quite common -- remember the CV was
part of a freight route from the Pacific Northwest through Chicago and
ending up in New London. I've also noticed one PRR car seems to show up
in just about every train -- meaning the old Pennsy modelers' mantra
about us all being Pennsy modelers, while annoying and depressing, is
apparently quite true . . . . (that was a joke, Ben !. . . )

Things that have not appeared: RUTLAND (1 car in 3600 so far), BAR (I
can't remember if I've seen any).  Coal loads on the way to Montreal
seem quite varied.
Rutland is odd since it's, well, odd that one car would show up. Which
Rutland car is it? BAR is a tough one -- I was thrilled when I came
across a pic of a red white and blue box in a Southern Division
wayfreight. Maybe it's too Lionel like, but what self-respecting model
railroad doesn't need a "State of Maine" box?

Coal loads apparently came and went from everywhere. The L&N coal gon
is a must-build project for me now, as is a Monon two-bay, which can be
seen in one of the photos of the CV Color Book from Morning Side.


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