Re: Stewart hoppers (was Bowser buys Stewart)

Schuyler Larrabee

October 04 MM, but it appears to be a "Part 2" of
an article that started in the ?September? issue.
I find myself rather fascinated with the covered
hopper version in the October issue.


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I'm not sure Schuyler. I -think- the C&O offset
followed the AAR "alternate" standard design,
like their (and
Erie) twin hoppers.
The C&O definitely bought ribbed 70 ton triples
too, but the
Stewart models I know about are based on the AAR
(NYC and
many others) and PRR H39 (PRR, Erie Lackawanna,
and I think
others) prototypes. What issue of Mainline

Tim O.

Were/are any of them good for the C&O triple
in the most
recent issue
of Mainline?

Ahem. Stewart made at least three different
ton triple hoppers.

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