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James F. Brewer <jfbrewer@...>

Thanks for the interest in these kits. I have received several inquiries about prototype info (I should have included this in the and learn!). And David Thompson graciously identified links to N&W Company photos at Virginia Tech.

As far as I have been able to determine, they were in general service, except for the Class B-4A which were equipped with DF loaders for auto parts.

These cars were built in 1940-41 by Greenville Steel Car Company. The first group, 52300-52349 and the third group, 52400-52449 were Class B-4. The second group built by Greenville, 52350-52399 were equipped with the loaders and designated Class B-4A. All of these cars had the rounded inside seam cap roof with recessed corners for the lateral walkways, Morton "Open Grip" metal running boards, latitudinal extensions and brake step, and 4-5 Dreadnaught Ends. The first group of B-4 and the entire group of B-4A had 7 rung side ladders and 6 rung end ladders. The third group of B-4 had 10 rung side ladders and 9 rung end ladders.

The fourth group of these cars was built in 1941 by Greenville and were number series 52450-52649, and designated N&W Class B-4 also. This group featured the improved Murphy Panel Roof, Apex Tri-Lok metal running boards, latitudinal extensions and brake step, and 1-4-5 Dreadnaught ends. This entire group had 10 rung side ladders and 9 rund end ladders.

Both kits have the custom etched parts that provide the different ladders and other details for the cars.

The entire B-4A class was leased to the DT&I in the 1950's and according to ORER listings, retained their N&W number series. However, I was unable to find a photo of these cars in service on the DT&I and thus do not know if they were simply stenciled with a designation that they were leased, or if they were actually painted in DT&I livery.

Most of these cars lasted past the 1964 merger of Wabash, NKP, AC&Y, PW&V into N&W.

The decal set covers all variations of the steam era stenciling practices of N&W. It includes the as delivered scheme of 7-inch high roadname (Norfolk & Western), the 1947 scheme of 7-inch high roadname (Norfolk and Western), as well as the 1952 scheme of 9-inch high roadname (Norfolk and Western). The different size reporting marks and road numbers are also included.

All of this information is included in the "Shop Bulletin" that is included in the kit. I hope to get it into pdf format and post it on the web site.

Thanks for your interest.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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