Re: What the pics and papers show????

Dennis Rockwell <dennis@...>

On 19 Oct, Marty McGuirk wrote:

[ ... ] I've also noticed one PRR car seems to show up
in just about every train -- meaning the old Pennsy modelers' mantra
about us all being Pennsy modelers, while annoying and depressing, is
apparently quite true . . . . (that was a joke, Ben !. . . )
I *am* a Pennsy modeller, and what I see in period videos is
that the converse is also true: if you're a Pennsy modeller,
you model all the other railroads!

In the "easy to spot" case, every freight train has at least
one NP boxcar!

Rutland is odd since it's, well, odd that one car would show up. Which
Rutland car is it? BAR is a tough one -- I was thrilled when I came
across a pic of a red white and blue box in a Southern Division
wayfreight. Maybe it's too Lionel like, but what self-respecting model
railroad doesn't need a "State of Maine" box?
Mine certainly does! Several of the trains in the freight
schedules I'm going to be running have a block listed
specifically for Maine potatoes, so thanks for the N Scale
40' and 50' "State of Maine" cars, and the BAR reefers!

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Modelling the PRR Wilkes-Barre branch in 1954.

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