Re: Too rich for me

Ted Culotta <tculotta@...>

On Oct 21, 2004, at 8:14 AM, Larry Smith wrote:

I just saw the notice for the new N&W boxcars.  They are too expensive
for me to even look at.  At $45 for an unassemble kit has the resin
market gone too far. This is $10 more then Westerfield and Sunshine. 
know what is involved with getting a resin kit to market and the costs
involved because I'm working with a company right now and doing the
patterns for a new kit.  Sorry guys but it is narrow gauge, which has
even more limited market then the N&W cars, and it won't be sold for
anywhere near $45.

Sorry but this kit straps my budget so I won't be getting any of them.

No offense intended to Al & Martin, but with their kits, I always find
that I substitiute brake parts or sill steps or other things that make
the kit cost more than the list price anyway. This kit has all of
those things in it already. And, having seen the castings, they are
beautiful to boot. It's not really all that much more expensive all
things considered. Trucks are included with these, too.

Ted Culotta

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