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Well put, Tim! I had in my hands last night several examples of cars (and
NICE ones at that) that have been recently completed (soon to be released)
that had VERY limited presence. As you said, at most a few buyers. And,
many of them not exactly what you would call big purchasers. I can't
understand the reluctance of someone like Atlas to re-cut a mold and give us
a car we would buy in large numbers. Particularly if they were to do
six-packs or such, with multiple road numbers. I know certain modelers that
have almost abandoned their chosen roads over this issue. It is probably
part of the reason why there are so few active B&LE, P&WV, Montour, and C&I

Elden Gatwood

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Does anyone want to speculate as to how long we will have to wait
for an offset alternative standard twin good for P&WV, Montour,
C&I, C&O, and others, in HO plastic? Do you think they are
gun-shy over the side sheet variations?

Elden Gatwood
It's an unfathomable mystery Elden. Why vendors can produce excellent
models of cars that existed for three owners or less, in tiny numbers,
and balk at producing models of cars that had many owners and existed
in the thousands, or tens of thousands, is a question with no answer.
I believe the reason men go bald is from a lifetime of head scratching
over questions such as these.

Tim O.

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