Re: Too rich for me


Which, and whose, N&W boxcars?

Walt Lankenau

--- In STMFC@..., Larry Smith <wooddale@b...> wrote:
I just saw the notice for the new N&W boxcars. They are too
for me to even look at. At $45 for an unassemble kit has the resin
market gone too far. This is $10 more then Westerfield and
Sunshine. I
know what is involved with getting a resin kit to market and the
involved because I'm working with a company right now and doing the
patterns for a new kit. Sorry guys but it is narrow gauge, which
has an
even more limited market then the N&W cars, and it won't be sold
anywhere near $45.

Sorry but this kit straps my budget so I won't be getting any of

Larry Smith

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