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It might be a combination of things. First, my digital camera is a point
and click type; need to get a better camera (or a friend with a better
camera! :-)) to get some good pics. The photo of the B-4 is the same "model" as the B-4A. I simply decaled each side differently.

That being said you do have to file down the bolster mounting a bit to get
the correct height. This is covered in the instructions. The finished models in the pics match my Kadee coupler


Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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I'm interested in both your kits, especially the B-4A since
automobile boxcars are much needed on my railroad, but I do
have a concern.

The photos of your assembled B-4A seem to show the car sitting
rather high off the trucks:

Is this just an illusion, or maybe the car was just "perched"
on the trucks for the photo? It could be just my old eyes, but
the car looks way too high for comfort. Your thoughts?

Shawn Beckert

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