Re: Branchline EZ Kits


On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:56:26 -0800 (PST) Jeff Aley - GCD PE
<> writes:
Does anyone have any details on the Branchline EZ Kits? Is this
based on their Blueprint tooling, but with cast-on details?

And what about their "Yardmaster" series? What's the difference
between Yardmaster and EZ Kits?



ATTENTION ALL. Coming soon to this list will be Mr. Bill
"we-haven't-shipped-that-yet" Schneider, chief honcho and bottle washer
of that part of BLT dedicated to destroying the balance of styrene and
ABS in the universe. I'm sure he will be glad to answer any and all of
your questions about their new kits in complete detail. Honesty is
optional at extra cost.


PS In case Bill doesn't get to it soon, the answers to your above
questions are: yes, no, what about it, much. Don't thank me, that's
what I'm here for.
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