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That last statement was cold very cold, but true.

Paul C. Koehler

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As far as I know Al Westerfield is
the only person who actually earns enough to live on! Martin has
military retirement, and the smaller vendors all have other careers
and produce kits on the side. Ain't nobody getting rich from kits!
That's for sure! That's why I respect any manufacturer who approaches resin
kit production as a business, and not as merely an extension of their hobby.
We need the latter, but the charm of resin pouring fades away along about
the 45th casting, and you need a business focus to keep with it.

P.S. Ok I'm calmer now... THE BAMBINO IS DEAD!
Yes. August 16, 1948. I remember that day very well - it was the first time
I saw my father, 44 years old and a life-long Yankee fan, cry.

Where were you when Harry Aggannis died, Tim? June '55, and all of Boston
mourned. I was taking summer courses at BU and going to as many games at
Fenway as I could. (I was staying at the BU "dorm" on Kenmore Square and
could see the back of the Green Monster from my

Sorry for the enthusiasm, Mike. Can't imagine how you must feel, living in a
state with no professional sports teams this year! :-)

Tom Madden

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